In the United States, you have to register to vote. But an entire generation of youth voters aren’t getting involved by not registering, or even worse, voting. The thing is, if you don’t vote, you get no choice. So to encourage young people to vote, Doritos launched their worst product yet. Introducing Doritos No Choice Chips. There’s no flavour, no chip, no choice.

This new chip was placed in vending machines at college campuses around the US. Through a touch screen, students were asked if they were registered to vote. If they said yes, they’d get a bag of Doritos Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese. If they weren’t registered, we gave them a bag of Doritos flavourless chips, showing them that by not voting someone else will choose for you. Students could then use the vending machines to register to vote.

The campaign received millions of views, over a billion+ media impressions, and youth registration through Rock the Vote went up by 61%.