After the success of Catvertising, we continued the john st self-promo trend with two other videos, both with pun names: Buyral (2012) & Exfeariential (2013). 

Similar to Catvertising, each video commented on a trend happening in advertising during that year. Buyral poked fun at viral videos and how far marketers and agencies are willing to go to get views and results. Exfeariential jumped on the trend of ‘surprise and delight videos’, or in this case, ‘surprise and scare-the-shit-out-of-you’ videos.

Both were widely successful, garnering almost 2 million hits and tons of press for the agency. And if you’re bored and looking for a good laugh, scroll through the comment sections on either three of the videos. Enjoy.

+ OneShow Silver & Merit

+ Cannes Lions Bronze & Shortlist

+ D&AD Wood Pencil 2x

+ Gold Marketing Awards 2x

+ ADCC's Gold, Silver 2x, Merit x2

+ Webby Awards Finalist

+ OneScreen Winner