XFINITY, the largest internet and cable provider in the US, broadcasts more live sports than any other provider. So to show that they truly own the world of live sports, we gave fans another live sports experience all from the comfort of their homes. Introducing #SignMyTweet, the world’s first live Twitter autograph session.

We partnered with two of football stars, Emmitt Smith and Odell Beckham Jr, to sign life size tweets for fans across the US.

It was simple, all you had to do was tweet a message to @XFINITYSports using the hashtag #SignMyTweet. Then we printed them out and signed them live. Once each tweet was signed, we rolled them up and mailed them right back fans.

The campaign generated over 50 million organic impressions, the twitter engagement rate was 400% higher then the industry benchmark, and brand sentiment went up to 98% positive (normally @xfinity tweets look like this)

This campaign was so popular, XFINITY took it beyond sports, partnering with celebrities like the great Neil Patrick Harris (and yes, I got to hang out with NPH).

+ Covered by all major media channels and blogs and was featured on Good Morning America, ESPN, NBC, and many more

+ Creativity Editor's Pick

+ Adweek - Emmitt Smith Printed and Signed 400 Fan Tweets, Including a Marriage Proposal