Stanfield's, a small underwear company based on the east-coast of Canada, was looking to get national exposure on an even smaller marketing budget. Since budgets were tight, meaning no big TV campaigns, they needed another way to get noticed.

Introducing the Gitchhiker, the first person to hitchhike across Canada, only in underwear.  Starting on the west-coast, he had 21 days to get to the Stanfield's factory on the other side of the country. Once he made it, they'd donate $20,000 to below the waste cancer research.

And made it he did. In 21 days, Stanfield's received over 47 million unpaid media impressions and their online sales went up by 50%. Most importantly, the Gitchhiker raised  more than the allotted 20k from the people he met and his online supporters, bringing more awareness to below the cause.


+ Covered by all major press channels across Canada including CBC, Global News, CTV, Huffington Post, Fox, The Globe & Mail, Breakfast Television,  eTALK and many more.

+ Marketing Awards Gold

+ Applied Arts